GTC 征文活动——GTC讲座认领清单

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GTC 征文活动——GTC讲座认领清单
« 于: 三月 08, 2023, 11:13:17 am »
BrandonHEdge AI: From Model Development to Deployment [S52125]
晓得薛定谔的喵From Tortoise to Hare: How AI Can Turn Any Driver into a Race Car Driver [S51328]
魏武卒Accelerating Generative AI in Biology and Healthcare [S51257]
生生Advances in Accelerated Computing for Scientific Computing [S52137]
geo-sigHow to Write a CUDA Program [S51210]
The Galaxy RabbitAccelerating Transformer-Based Encoder-Decoder Language Models for Sequence-to-Sequence Tasks [S51158]
丙乙Portable Acceleration of HPC Applications using ISO C++ — Part 1: Fundamentals* [DLIT51169]
白碧哲How to Build a Real-time Path Tracer [S51871]
Brain CompilerWatch Party: 如何设计优化 CUDA 程序 [WP51210]
咖啡逗Accelerate AI Innovation with Unmatched Cloud Scale and Performance (Presented by Microsoft) [S52469]
00101010Creating and Executing an Effective Cyberdefense Strategy in an AI-Driven Business [S51723]
PixelPassionDeep Reinforcement Learning with Real-World Data [S51826]
ChristyWatch Party: CUDA 新特性和发展 [WP51225]
16Accelerated AI Logistics and Route Optimization 101* [DLIT51886]
RyanDeveloping Robust Multi-Task Models for AV Perception [SE50006]
RP CaiAddressing the AI Skills Gap [SE52129]
蔡欣Speech-To-Speech Translation System for a Real-World Unwritten Language [S51780]
亚克西Scaling Deep Learning Training: Fast Inter-GPU Communication with NCCL [S51111]
Ranoe:)Jetson Edge AI Developer Days: Accelerate Edge AI With NVIDIA Jetson Software [SE52433]
d2realConnect with the Experts: GPU-Accelerated Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics [CWES52130]
slamConnect with the Experts: A Deep-Dive Q&A with Jetson Embedded Platform Engineers [CWES52132]
挠你个痒痒AI 初创企业在中国市场的发展和机会 ——探索中国 AI 初创力量​ [SE52131]
Building Trust in AI for Autonomous Vehicles [S51934]
位位位Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles [S51168]
Tian_DYA Comprehensive Low-Code Solution for Large-Scale 3D Medical Image Segmentation with MONAI Core and Auto3DSeg* [DLIT51974]
Permanent ManiacWatch Party: 基于 TensorRT 的端到端子图优化框架 [WP51416]
王威3D by AI: Using Generative AI and NeRFs for Building Virtual Worlds [S52163]
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